Which Sprayer?


I’m a mostly woodworker that is moving into spraying finishes from the
brushing/wiping world. Enjoy your reviews, but I’m confused about
what, as a non-contractor, types of sprayers I need. I wouldn’t mind
being able to spray latex or oil, and other family members could
borrow the sprayer when they needed to paint. But a lot my wood
projects are smaller and don’t need 5 or even 1 gallon of material.
What combination of sprayers would best suit my situation? I’m willing
to pay a little more for better sprayers. Thank you for your time.


asked November 20, 2011

2 Answers

We had to consult and expert for that one! Scott Burt of Topcoat Review is our go to guy for all things related to sprayers. See what he says over at Topcoat Review.
Thanks for the question!
Jim for small projects I would suggest an hvlp. If you find yourself doing larger projects I would look into getting an Air Assisted Airless. 

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