Tammy’s walls are flashing!


We made the mistake of hiring a family friend who claimed to be a proffesional drywaller/painter to repair our joint pops and paint our home with 18′ walls. BIG MISTAKE!

The paint is an eggshell finish. He did the bottom half of the foyer and left the job for 3 days. I told him this will not work because we will not have a very visible lap line. Well he proceeded to sand the area and then repaint and it looks terrible. We have about a 1′ X 10′ area of each side of our foyer that is uneven and looks horrible. We also have spots all over the walls where he filled in nail holes and the joint compound spots have bleed through.

Can I somehow smooth all the areas out myself without repainting the entire walls? Any advice would be much appreciated!


asked December 4, 2011

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Tammy this is difficult to answer without seeing the walls in question. Drywall patching must be complete, and sanded smooth before any paint is applied. 

The patched areas should be primed with a flat or interior primer first as well. This will equalize the porosity so the patched areas do not have a different absorption rate, which sounds like what has happened in your situation.

Eggshell has sheen, and that shows imperfections more than a flat or matte finish would.  As far as repainting the entire wall I think that would be the only solution at this point. 

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