I want to paint my oak kitchen cabinets


Hi guys, I have a stained oak kitchen that I am going to paint black. The cabinets are currently a light red oak color (stain called Mellow). They are 6 years old and in excellent condition.

I have a few questions for you:
1. What kind of prep is needed to get my stained cabinets ready for paint?
2. Should I go with an airless or hvlp gun. Why? And which one? Ideally, I’d like to spend under $500 for a gun.
3.. What are the key differences and applications for the airless and hvlp?Paint kitchen cabinets

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Hi Laura, thanks for commenting, and questioning. 

1. Prep on kitchen cabinets includes a healthy scrub down with a scotchbrite pads or sponges and a good kitchen style cleaner/degreaser. Then, you have to scuff sand at about 100-120 grit. Clean up the dust really well. Then you are ready for primer. 

2. Ideally, HVLP is the best choice for cabinets. It is hard to find one in that price range that is up to the task (quality). That starts to swing the vote more toward the handheld cordless sprayers, which are technically airless, but more convenient to use than traditional airless. If you go that right, any of the Graco fine finish units would be good choices.

 3. Here is an article that might help you to understand the difference between HVLP and airless:  And here is another I wrote that walks you through my own decision making process on a similar task/choice. 
And here is a video that shows my own decision making process between handheld units.
 Come back with questions!

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