Home Depot told me….


I went to home depot and asked the paint department what paint I
should use to paint my painted kitchen cabinets. I took a cabiet door
with me and he said that I didn’t need to sand it and that I should
use Bher paint with primer. So I did and I had to put 3 coats of satin
white on and and it still doesn’t look that great. He told me I could
probably cover it with one coat. And now the paint is peeling off.
What to do I do to fix it? Sand it and start over? If so what paint
should I use to get a good coverage with shine?

Tags: asked June 13, 2012

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Did you wash the cabinets with TSP or some other cleaner/degreaser? Exactly which paint did you use and did he confirm whether it was oil or waterborne paints on the cabinets previously? I believe they should have been sanded and primed. Let's see what our pros have to say.

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