5 things a Contractor may not tell you!

| October 17, 2011
5 Things a Painting Contractor may not tell you!
We have all read countless articles on “How to hire a Painting Contractor”and they all say basically the same thing. That is because there is an industry standard for most professional companies. There is also a lower standard, unfortunately. Many painters take shortcuts in order to shave a few precious dollars off the bid before presenting it to you. Let’s see how.First, we will take one of my own posts and break it down.1. In my post, I advocate asking friends or the local paint store for a referral. You really cannot beat word of mouth, beware of a contractor who has pages of typewritten referrals with no contact information. Look at their online reviews like Google or Yelp, making sure the authors are not all the same.

2. In my post, I advocate checking for License and Insurance. States vary on Licensing, but each state has a site that list the requirements, check your state here. Ask to see their license and check that it is current and the name matches. Some contractors will work under another contractors license, or consider their Driver’s License enough to declare they are licensed! They should also be able to show you a current General Liability Policy and be able to provide you a copy with you listed before the job starts. Workers Compensation is another one, many states you can check online. If a contractor is not covered and is injured in your home, your Homeowners Insurance might have to pay! Some contractors may have an old certificate, but if they have not paid the premiums, it is no good.

3. In my post, I ask if your home was built before 1978, if it is, your contractor must be RRP Certified to do any work. Don’t let him tell you it is not needed, the safety of your family is at stake.

4. In my post, I encourage both decision makers to be there and ask lots of questions of exactly what prep is to be done and what materials are to be used. Make sure it gets written down. Some contractors will write “paint walls”, then when it comes to the prep or even after completion claim smoothing out the walls will be extra. If a Premium paint is specified, make sure that paint is used. Ask who will be doing the work, the owner? the employees? or a subcontractor?

5. In my post, I advocate comparing apples to apples. If you followed the above advice, you will be able to pick the best bid not by price, but by which one will fit the needs of your project. You will be able to determine which company will use the right methods and materials, use skilled, legal and insured employees to protect and beautify your home.

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